March 29, 2010

I know Cassie already posted something about this but I wrote this a while ago and forgot to put it up.

Korea is a bit of a strange place.  The bathroom is just one big shower.  There is no stall, there is no curtain, the water just goes wherever it wants to go.  It sprays off the walls and the cabinets and the toilet then goes down a drain in the floor.  At first you might think, “my god but think of the toilet paper,” Well to this I say those Koreans are one step ahead of you.  On the top, just where the water would threaten to destroy the only thing keeping you from wiping with your hand, is a metal lid; fear not.  The only way the water could get to this precious commodity is if the shower head lifted itself off the wall, hung low near the floor and sprayed up and under this impenetrable steel barrier.  But, come on how could that possibly happen? No really  the only thing to fear is forgetting to turn off the knob which changes the water from coming out the sink to the shower head.  If one would forget this crucial step the next unsuspecting person who washed their hands after using the bathroom would be sprayed in the face.  That’s really not the right way to describe it, more like blasted off there feet into the wall and when they pull you from the rubble and debris your clothes will be dripping.  And I’m afraid that the shower head doesn’t care if you are wearing the proper swimming apparel or perhaps you are in your work clothes and running late.  It does however seem to be consistently cold water that comes out of it which makes me suspicious of foul play.  Am I suggesting that the shower is somehow a living entity?  You tell me how a non-living thing grows fresh hair everyday from it’s drain.  This makes the question of the toilet paper again a worrisome proposition.  If the shower head is a living entity than  I suppose I can only hope to appease the serpent king staring down at me from above or be forced to shake everyone’s hand with the right.


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