The L and the R Once and For All

March 29, 2010

Many people who have heard asian people speak will notice that often times they confuse the L and the R.  What was once Chicken and Rice suddenly changes to Chicken and Lice which is a much less appetizing meal possibility.  The person who was once called Ryan is now called Lion which is great for Ryan if he is the bookish type who has always been looking for a way to add a little more edge, but again bad for poor Latvia who after the translation will be believed to be infested with rats, as after all almost no one knows anything about Latvia, possibly not even those who live there.  So why the switch?  I just learned recently when trying to learn to read and write in Korean.  The answer shed a whole new light on the switching situation. In Korean there is one letter for both sounds.  L and R are the same as are: T and D, G and K and P and B and J and Z.  It leads to confusion in many other places when some people pronounce our city Gumi and others Kumi, when the city close to us is Daegu or Taegu and the second largest city is Busan or Pusan.  Mother’s are always telling their children, “Id’s colt oud dhere Michael.  Id’s Leally, Leally colt. I Ton’t wand you do cadch Bneumonia.  You pedder pud on a zacked,”  While it is still funny to me when some of the Korean english teachers are teaching the kids about “Lyming” and “Pazamas”.  I do now at least understand why.


One Response to “The L and the R Once and For All”

  1. Julie V Says:

    Educational and hilarious. Good work, Scott.

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