May 23, 2010

Three weekends ago, we climbed Cheonsang Mountain.

Two weekends ago, we had a great time visiting our friends Andy and Lindsey in the northern part of the country.  They live in Gangneung, near the coast.  It was beautiful there.  Here are some rice fields that we walked past on the way to the beach.

And the beach….

This weekend, we visited two towns on the eastern coast: Pohang and Gyeonju.

Here are some pictures of the beach in Pohang.  We were there on Buddah’s Birthday, so lots of people were shooting off fireworks.

We discovered when it got dark that our motel was a black light motel.  This is the hallway….

this was our room…


The next day, we went to Gyeongju.  We visited a really great museum…

This was my favorite thing in the museum.  It was a mold for roof tiles.  I’m not really sure why it is so intriguing…something about the woman’s smile is just really friendly and interesting.  Kind of like the Mona Lisa I guess….nobody really knows why the Mona Lisa is so famous…she’s just captured peoples’ attention.

a marshmallow field…

The mounds behind me are burial tombs.

Yes, I had on a nerdy tourist poncho.  It was really rainy , OK?

a really old astrological observatory…

More burial mounds.  I loved these.  It’s hard to tell in the pictures, but they are pretty tall.

now for some funnies…

In one of my classes, the students started asking me questions about the US.  As I was answering their questions, one of the students yelled out “USA king is good!”  I said “you mean Obama?”.  He nodded.  I agreed.

One day I was asking for homework in a small class, just 5 kids.  Only one kid, Minky, had done his homework.  One of the other kids said “Minky is a wife.”  I gave him a confused look.  He said, “his husband is homework”.

We were having a food discussion in one of my classes.  We started talking about corn dogs (a popular street food in Gumi).  Here, they put sugar on their corn dogs.  I told them that at home, we don’t put sugar on our corn dogs…usually just ketchup.  One of the kids shook his head disappointedly and said “yellow head USA people”.

One of the classes is learning about the face and facial features.  Their book has “buck teeth” in it, but it doesn’t do a good job of describing or showing buck teeth.  So, I drew the best picture that I could of buck teeth, trying to show that buck teeth are larger and stick out more than the other teeth.  I don’t think I successfully showed the undesirability of buck teeth, because all of the students started coming up the front of the room, pointing to their teeth and saying very proudly, “teacher, I have buck teeth!!”

In one of the upper level classes, we were working through a workbook.  On this particular section, there were the beginnings of sentences that the kids were supposed to finish with their own opinions.  We came to the question,  “I think my most attractive feature is ____________.”  One of the funniest kids that I teach, Chris, was having trouble with this.  I said “Chris, you have great hair.  You should put down your hair.”  With a huge grin, he plucked out a piece of his hair and placed it on the blank line.

and the best for last.  I appologize in advance to those who are offended by the language to come…

I was teaching about the hands and the fingers to a young class with a low level of English.  I was attempting to teach the names of each of the fingers (thumb, index, etc.).  After showing both the thumb and index fingers individually, I paused for a split second before holding up the middle finger.  After assuring myself that it doesn’t have any meaning here in Korea, I bravely held up my middle fingers (on both hands none the less.)  The kids instantly freaked out.  So it does mean something, I realized.  I played dumb.  “What?  What’s wrong?”  All at one, nine kids proceeded to tell me how bad that finger was.  At first I thought I was hearing things when I heard a “fuck you finger” come out of the noise.  But, then I continued to hear it over and over.  A bunch of 7-year-old mouths were saying variations of “teacher, the fuck you finger.”    So, they don’t know the parts of the body in English, but they know the precise meaning of the middle finger….


2 Responses to “”

  1. Mom Says:

    Hahahaha. I can’t stop laughing, my favorite blog so far. What a beautiful beach. And what an awesome hotel! I always wondered where marshmallows came from, who knew they grew in fields. And, I agree that lady on the tile is quite intriguing. “Yellow head USA people”, that’s just hilarious. I’m pretty sure he was telling a blond joke. And I really thought I had taught you better than to flip off a bunch of kids.

    Keep up the good blogging, sweetie!

  2. Whitney Says:

    Awesome!!! That’s really funny!!

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