May 31, 2010


I was checking homework one day, and  one of my favorite students (Robin) had written a pretty long dictation.  (Dictation is when they listen to a CD that has a passage spoken in English, and they write it down.)  The dictation was good.  The funny part was what he had written proudly, in big bold letters at the end of the passage.   “I CAN WITE!!”

Spoken by William, a particularly adorable 5 year old.  “I don’t like puppy because in house poo.  There is so many poo!”

Preface to the following short story:  A norabang is a singing room…think private kareoke.  The room is big enough for about 6-10 people.  You have two microphones, LOUD speakers, and a big screen that shows the lyrics.  They are really popular in Korea.  And they are awesome!

Now for the story:  I was humming in class while I was checking homework and a student said “Teacher, be quiet.  This is no norabang.”

In one of my classes, whenever I erase the board, a little funny guy named Edwin showers me with praise.  “WOW!  Beautiful!  Very wonderful!  Fantastic!  Amazing!  Nice!”  He apparently loves a clean board.

Here, they call men’s and women’s underwear panties.  It still catches me off guard to hear a boy say something about his panties.  In class this other day, a boy named Brent said “Teacher, Minky see my panties!!”

There is a kid in one of my classes who never does his homework.  Every class I ask him “Nick, do you have any homework today?”  Last week, he raised his hands up in the air and said triumphantly “No homework forever!!!”

other funnies:

I’ve had a big accomplishment.  The 3 year olds have finally stopped bringing me their boogers!!!  They haven’t, however, stopped trying to lift up my skirt.

We climbed Geumo mountain this weekend (a big, popular mountain at the edge of town).  While at the summit, we got pulled into several group pictures.  One man was particularly set on getting us in his picture.  We were already  headed back down the mountain when we came and grabbed us and pulled us back to the picture spot.  Afterward, he had each of us talk to his friend on the phone (his friend spoke no English, so we just said “hello” a few times and handed the phone back to him) while he laughed hysterically.   He was an odd man.

Kevin doesn’t like praying (well, I think it’s a prayer…they say it in Korean so I don’t really know) before meals:

I was trying to get a good picture of David, one of the most adorable kids in the kindergarten.  I definitely should have waited until he was finished eating.

Something about a coffee shop named Ameba is just not appealing to me:

Here are some pictures from Guemo mountain.


2 Responses to “hehehe…”

  1. Mom Says:

    Kids say the darndest things! Great post, as usual. Keep it up.

  2. Claire Says:

    All your kids have such western names! That’s probably a silly American thing to say but what’s up with that?

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