one year; un año; 년도

June 24, 2010

Scott and I celebrated our one year anniversary a couple weeks ago.  It’s been a great year.  Here’s a picture recap:

Louisville, KY. 6.6.09. Married!!

Lake of the Ozarks. 6.7.09 – 6.12.09. Honeymoon. (Thanks again Bohannons!)

Columbia, MO. June and July. Cassie finishes grad school.  (Sorry, there’s really no good pictures of this time period…so here’s our first apartment together)

Florissant, MO. August and September. Painting for our rent.  (Thanks again VanMaters!)

New York City, New York. Early October. Visiting friends.  (Thanks Corey and Katelyn!)

Costa Rica. October.  Backpacking.

Nicaragua. November. Backpacking.

Panama. November.  Backpacking.

St. Louis, MO / Louisville, KY.  Back in time for Christmas!

Little Rock, AR. December, January, February. Figuring out what to do next.  (Thanks Mom and Dad!)

Gumi, South Korea. February until present.  Teaching English for a year.  (Thanks Lindsey and Andy for helping us get here!)

We’ve had LOTS of help this year.  I’m not sure what we would have done without our wonderful families and friends.  Thanks to all of you for everything!

2 Responses to “one year; un año; 년도”

  1. Jenny Says:

    Wow what a first year of marriage, congrats. I am sorry that I missed your anniversary … seems like being married to the guy that did the ceremony i would remember! Anyway, thanks for the pictures of your amazing year. Ken and I are celebrating our 16th year today!! Jen

  2. Charlie S. Says:

    To my heroes: You guys seemed to have accomplished a lot in the last year, a ton of memories for sure. Congratulations to you both, a successful life together so far! I envy your free will, determination and enthusiasm so much. Can’t wait to you see you guys in 2011.

    Much love – Charlie

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