Home run!!

August 5, 2010

We finally made it to a Korean baseball game in Daegu.  We went with our friends Tyler and Chris.  The home team was the Samsung Lions.  They were playing the LG Twins.  The game was long (12 innings) and a little boring, but the fans were really into it the whole time, which made it loads more fun.  (I have to admit I spent more time watching the crowd than the actual game.)  They handed out thunder sticks to everyone, and believe me when I say everyone used them.  They played music and chanted cheers the whole time…they didn’t stop while people were up to bat, like at home.  I think they only have about 7 cheers and songs which they recycled over and over and over for the entire 4-hour game.  The fans loved these 7 cheers.  We did too…at first.

At one point, a mascot lion came out into the crowd.  Everyone was cheering and going crazy as he made his way down the steps toward the field.  Then, suddenly, he stopped, pulled out a fake machine gun, and began pretend-shooting the crowd.  We’re not sure if this is his normal habit or something special for this game.  Maybe he only goes on shooting sprees once a season and we were lucky enough to be there.   It was bizaar… and a little disturbing.


This is the kid who sat beside us.  I guess he could tell that we were getting bored toward the end of the game, so he entertained us with spit bubbles.

Last week, I made cardboard sun visors with the littlest kids.  It may have been more exciting for me than for the kids, but they liked it too.


One Response to “Home run!!”

  1. Mom Says:

    As always, I love the pictures of the kids. They are so cute and they do look like they enjoyed their cardboard visors. And, yes, the mascot shooting the crowd is very bizaar and disturbing.

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