August 8, 2010

For our summer vacation, we visited an island off the southern coast of Korea, Jeju Island.

I’m sure you’ve heard tales of super-crowded Asian beaches.  We got our first taste of it.

It’s kind of hard to see, but this coastline is famous for the hexagonal shaped rocks formed by the waves.

On the second day, we found a much more peaceful beach.

Along this particular coast line, lots of women had set up little stations so they could catch fresh sea food, cook it on little camping stoves, and sell it right on the spot.

These people offered us some of their food and soju (Korean alcohol).

So, that’s Jeju 🙂

We’ve been noticing a strange dessert popping up with the arrival of summer.  It’s called red bean shaved ice, and when ordered at a restaurant, it looks something like this:

You can also buy it at the grocery store.

The ingredients can vary slightly, but the basics premise is shaved ice, topped with milk, red beans, fruit, and soybean powder. Sometimes, it also is topped with jelly candies, chocolate or strawberry syrup, whipped cream, chocolate candies…things like that.

Up until last week, we hadn’t tried it yet.  Some of the ingredients are delicious on their own, but mixed together it sounds like something that Will Ferrel’s Elf might have created.  (Those of you who’ve seen the movie undoubtedly remember the scene where he  makes spaghetti with noodles, syrup, M&Ms, poptarts, marshmallows and chocolate syrup.)   **Side note: While I was trying to  remember the ingredients in Elf’s spaghetti, I stumbled upon this gem of a website  )

Then last week, we had our monthly English cooking day at the kindergarten.  This month’s menu: red bean shaved ice.  Here are the ingredients that we used:

shaved ice, milk, red beans,  fruit cocktail, jelly candies, chocolate cereal, chocolate syrup.

You’ll notice the watered down milk (most of the ice melted instantly when the not-so-cold milk was poured on top), a few red beans, various canned fruit-cocktail fruits, and jelly candies poking out of the milk soup, soggy chocolate cereal and chocolate syrup floating on the top.

I tried it.  You can imagine what I thought of it 🙂  The kids loved it though…


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  1. Julie V Says:

    Just caught up with your blog! I love reading your posts. I laugh out loud (LOLZZZ!!! OMG!) every time. Different cultures can be so comedic sometimes! That beach looked nice — finally some place that is relatively undeveloped! Very pretty. Miss you guys and keep up the good work. You’re just missing heat waves over here. Like, it’s so hot you won’t even go outside to get the mail kind of heat waves. It’s nice right now for once, but that’s supposed to change soon, of course :). Talk to you soon!

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