August 26, 2010

I’m sorry that my role seems to be the immature voice of the blog, but I guess I just have to face facts that my sense of humor is pretty immature.  So without further ado…

            At Wonderland we share a bathroom with the kindergarteners.  The boys’ room has little urinals with bug stickers on the back wall of the toilet to give them something to aim at and as you would expect there’s a lot more playing then actually going to bathroom or washing hands.  In this environment I realized early on that I shouldn’t use the urinals because of the Dong Sheik game that I’ve mentioned in an earlier blog, (a game in which they try to stick their fingers up everyone’s butt they see), and because the other female teachers are always coming in to check on the little boys.  So I decided that using the stall was probably the best option for me.  This doesn’t stop the boys from asking every time I walk into the bathroom, “Teacher are you going to go pee?” or trying to peak through the cracks in the stall door the minute I step inside.  I normally just yell, “I’m trying to go to the bathroom,” and they laugh and scurry away with their anonymity intact. 

            On one particular day however I came into the bathroom, as two boys were finishing up brushing their teeth after lunch.  One of them left as I walked in leaving only the very birdlike, Ithan still brushing his teeth.  “Haaaawooo scccaalt teeeeeacha” he said with a mouthful of toothpaste now oozing down his face, “Hello, Ithan” I said as I stepped into the stall.  A few seconds after I closed the stall door behind me I heard creaking on the outside like he was trying to push his way in to the stall, to which I yelled, “Ithan, I’m trying to go to the bathroom, you need to finish what you’re doing and go back to class.”  It seemed to work so I finished up, flushed the toilet and unlocked the door.   All in one motion Ithan, (who must have decided to lean his back against the door) came crashing down onto his back, sprawling out next to the toilet as his toothbrush flew out of his mouth and skidded across the bathroom floor.  The look on his face was pure shock and embarrassment.  He quickly got back to his feet and shuffled over to pick up his toothbrush, which he kicked at least twice before he was able to get it in his hands.  I just tried not to laugh as I said, “ I told you I was trying to go to the bathroom, don’t do that anymore,” He just nodded and ran back to his classroom but since then I haven’t heard any creaking on my stall door.


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