November 28, 2010


I was bored one Saturday afternoon so I made this video.  Check it out if you like.





Well, it’s been too long since the last post, as I discovered while trying to figure out which pictures I haven’t posted yet.  There’s a ton of them!

Busan for Scott’s birthday shark dive, and an international film festival:

Field trip to a sweet potato farm with the kindergarteners.  We dug up yakons and sweet potatoes, picked pumpkins, and scrounged around for chestnuts.  Oh, and we did the hokey pokey, which we practiced at school the day before… about 100 times.

Day trip to Heinsa, one of the largest Buddhist temples in Korea

It’s FALL!!!!!!

Halloween party at the kindergarten

Scott with one of the other teachers, Ben.

Fellow teachers Ben and Janna.

Me and Jennifer, the newest teacher at the kindergarten.

and of course, cute kids (this is my favorite class)