Welp, the place is decorated for Christmas!

After a rather not-normal Thanksgiving day  (10- hour work day, then dinner with a couple of our American friends at a Korean restaraunt, where we ate dak galbi (our favorite food in Korea, but not at all Thanksgiving-y), which looks something like this:

…we came home, moved the Christmas music from the external harddrive into itunes, and began making paper snowflakes.  Little did I know that this simple act of Christmas cheer would spiral into a weekend of non-stop paper decoration making.  Several elements came together  to make the perfect storm of paper crafting:

One, I realized paper crafts were the perfect decorations for this year:  I didn’t really want to buy decorations or a bunch of supplies to make decorations.  But, I also didn’t want to NOT decorate for Christmas.

Two, I had a bunch of good quality red and green paper that I bought a few months back with intention to do hand-made Christmas cards (an idea that fell through…another story completely, and not that interesting, so I’ll spare you).

Three, I had just come down with a cold so I wasn’t feeling up for doing too much outside the house.  This meant I had a whole two days on my hands, and I’m not someone who knows how to sit around and do nothing.

So, soon the apartment floor was covered with paper scraps and half-used tissues (I have a gross habit of leaving Kleenexes lying around…not one of Scott’s favorite parts about me.)  And by Monday morning, the place looked like this:

Merry Christmas!  Happy Holidays!